Abstract Topics

Abstract Topics

1 Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Control
2 Antimicrobial Agents: Resistance, pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, PK/PD analysis, TDM
3 Bacterial Infections:

a Bacteremia and endocarditis
b Bone and joint, skin and soft tissue infections
c Community acquired bacterial infections (non-respiratory)
d Community acquired bacterial infections (respiratory)
e Gastrointestinal tract infections
f Meningitis
g Neonatal infections
h Other bacterial infections
i Pertussis
j Sepsis
k Sexually transmitted diseases
l Urinary tract infections

4 Common and neglected tropical Infections and parasitic infections
5 Diagnostic Microbiology: Molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, point of care techniques
6 Emerging and Zoonotic Infections
7 Fungal Infections
8 Global Child Health
9 Host-Pathogen Interactions
10 Infections in the Immunocompromised Host and Transplant Patients
11 Infectious Diseases in Natural and Social Disaster situations
12 Microbiome Studies
13 Miscellaneous
14 Public Health and Epidemiology:

a Gram-positive infections: MSSA, MRSA
b Gram-negative infections
c Healthcare-associated infections
d Viral infections

15 Tick-borne Infections
16 Vaccination:

a Antibacterial vaccines
b Antiviral vaccines
c System vaccinology
d Vaccine hesitancy and uptake

17 Viral Infections:

a Antiviral drugs and resistance
b Arboviral encephalitis
c Arbovirus infections including Chikungunya, Dengue virus, yellow fever, Zika virus
d Encephalitis
e Gastrointestinal tract infection
f Hepatitis
g HIV infection
h Influenza infection and respiratory virus infections
i Other virus infections
j Perinatal and congenital infections
k Respiratory syncytial virus infection